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Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls

Rapid Pharma Development Team

Dr. Robert Hett
Managing Partner
Rapid Pharma Development GmbH
Zugerstrasse 58a
CH 6314 Unterägeri/Switzerland
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Chemist RWTH-Aachen
Postdoc University of Notre Dame

Key experience:
Business Development, Process Chemistry, API Development, GMP, CRO Management, CMC Project Management, Audits, 6 Patents, 15 Publications, Board member of OPRD

Previous Experience:



Site Manager, of a pilot plant of 80 people, API custom manufacturing for early phase development under c-GMP



Senior Research Chemist

Dr. Dieter Krimmer
Rapid Pharma Development GmbH
Zugerstrasse 58A
CH 6314 Unterägeri
Mobile D : +49 1761 328 3337
Phone: +41 41 544 1721
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Chemist, TH Stuttgart

Key experience:
Project Management, Fermentation, Chemical and Formulation Development, Drug Product, Regulatory Experience (FDA, EMEA, Bfarm), Validation, Qualification, Audits and Inspections

Previous Experience:

Independent Consultant:


CMC Management for e.g. Gilead, Trigen

Hofmann La Roche:


Technical Team Leader for the products INVIRASE®, VIRACEPT®, TAMIFLU®

Dr. Goran Westerberg
Freelance Consultant for RPD

Radiopharmacology, University of Uppsala

Key experience:
25 years in pharmaceutical industry: Clinical and Regulatory Development, PK/PD, First-in-Human studies, Preclinical Development, Orphan Drug Development, In/Out-Licensing Evaluation, Project Management. Experience from >550 clinical trials, including 31 FTIH studies.

Previous Experience:

Siena Biotech SpA:


Director, Clinical & Regulatory Development. Neuroscience and Oncology programmes.

Pharmacia Inc:


Director, Clinical Pharmacokinetics. CNS-, Urology-, Oncology and Cardiovascular programmes.

Pharmacia & Upjohn:


Senior Research Advisor. R&D process; Metabolic and Ophtalmological programmes.

Uppsala PET Centre:


Associate Director; Clinical Pharmacology studies.